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Bonnie Haney School of Dance
Spanish Dance Swan Lake kids Tap Ballet hip hop


Watch this So You Think You Can Dance youtube clip

**Look and Feel Like a Dancer**

*Ballet Dance Class: Hair up on buns. White slippers, black leotard, white tights.

*Jazz/Hip Hop Dance Class: Hair in ponytails, black slippers or jazz shoes, black leotard, black tights/jazz pants/shorts.

*Tap Dance Class: Hair in ponytails, black slippers or tap shoes, black leotard, black tights/jazz pants/shorts

*Dance Exercise or Zumba Dance Class: Work out clothes, tennis, jazz or black shoes.

*Girls: If you have different colored tights and leotards when starting out, do not buy until the dancer outgrows them or they wear out

*Boys: Black workout pants or shorts, white t-shirts and white athletic socks; black slipplers, jazz or tap shoes.

*No street clothes, t-shirts, or sweatshirts are to be worn in any type of dance class, as it is important to look and feel like a dancer.

Your cooperation on this dance matter is greatly appreciated!

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**Names on Dancewear**

Please write your name on all dancewear, things can get misplaced easily!

Suggestion: A dance bag will help keep things together and organized. Thanks! Please check the overflowing lost and found in the hallway by the studios, to see if any of your dance items are in there.

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**Making a Ballet Bun**

Click on the youtube video to learnĀ How to Make a Ballet Bun

  1. To start the process gather the hair and pull it back. If your child has bangs, leave them alone for now, they will be pinned to the side after the bun is complete.
  2. Use a hair brush to smooth out rough or uneven areas. Form a pony tail by brushing the hair up.
  3. Use an elastic hair band to secure the pony tail. A tidy pony tail with hair drawn snugly back is the key to making a good ballet bun.
  4. Apply water to the ponytail to keep the hair neat, and twist the pony tail.
  5. Coil the pony tail into a tight circle.
  6. Use a few “U”-shaped hair pins through the outer part of the coil to secure it to the rest of the hair. Slide each pin through the outer part of the coil, then into the base of the bun.
  7. Wrap a fine hair net around the bun. Keep twisting and wrapping so the hair net tightly secures the bun.
  8. Use a few more pins to secure the bun.
  9. For extra hold, when the bun and hair are all secure, use hairspray. Use bobby pins to secure any “wispies” or stray hair. If your child has bangs, dampen them slightly, comb to one side and secure with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray for extra hold.
  10. Click this Youtube link for a short demo and the finished product.
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**How To Put On Pointe Shoes**

Click play on the link below to view the youtube video.

How to Sew Pointe Shoes

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**Tuition & Other Information**

Tuition billing cycle is once a month due the first of the month prior to your dance class. Click on payments link to pay your bill online.

  • A registration fee of $20 per student per school year will be charged during registration. $10.00 registration fee for summer dance camps.
  • All dance students must pre-register for dance classes. Click to register for regular dance class registration or click here to register for summer dance camps.
  • There is pay as you go option for dance classes of $17.00 per dance class.
  • Cost of tuition is:
    • 1 class per week $16.75
    • 2-3 classes per week $15.75
    • 4 or more classes per week $14.75 each
    • College students $9.00 per class (paid monthly)
  • Tuition for dance class is required for each dance session by the first of the month prior to dancers class start date. After the tenth of the month, finance charges accrue.
  • Students with past due dance class tuition will be assessed a late charge the 10th day of the month, and again for every 30 days the balance is left unpaid.
  • Tuition for dance class must be paid by online, check, cash, or money order.
  • ABSENTEES: Please call prior to your dance lesson if you plan on missing class, as a courtesy to your teacher. Missed dance classes can be made up if you remember your dance courtesy call before you miss the dance class. There is no additional fee for make-up classes. Please call to schedule your make up class, no more than two weeks after your missed class. Refunds will not be made on classes unless you have a medical reason with a doctors excuse. Classes canceled due to weather will be made up with no additional charge. Ask your teacher at the next class when you can do your make up dance class.
  • If dance class is missed during the last week of a session you will be allowed to make up the class one week into the next session.
  • Dance students will be responsible for the full payment of all dance classes they have registered for, for the duration of the session.
  • To drop a dance class, dance students must submit a drop form, available at the front desk. The drop form must be submitted one week prior to the start of the next session. Failing to do so, the student will be responsible for the session’s tuition.
  • To add back into class that was dropped a new registration fee will be a applied.
  • No child may be dropped off more than 30 minutes before the beginning of his/her class. We will not be responsible.
  • Scheduled class times and locations are subject to change at anytime, at the discretion of the instructors.
  • A class needs a least four students to start a class. The length of the class, start and end times, will be at the discretion of the instructor for classes with less than four students in attendance.
  • The school will close due to weather. Only if West Acres Mall closes due to weather. No refunds are given. Students may make-up classes.
  • Placement of all students is at the discretion of the director of Bonnie Haney Dance and Performing Company. The completion of one level does not guarantee acceptance in the next. Advance classes are offered by invitation or audition only.
  • Students may audition any single classes at any time, upon approval by instructor.
  • Bonnie Haney School of Dance will not be held liable for lost or stolen articles or injuries incurred on or near the studio premises.
  • Policies may be changed at anytime, at the discretion of the directors of the school.
  • Accounts past due for dance classes over 90 days will be sent to collection.



Please do not show up to your dance class without registering and paying for your dance class in advance. Please call one week before your dance class is to start to be sure we have enough registered in the dance class to start at the original date. Some dance classes fill quicker than others. If we do not have enough dance students registered we will postpone the dance class for a later date. Thank you for your cooperation with the matter. DANCE DANCE DANCE!

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